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Nothing says 'Merry Christmas?Like a New Replica Rolex

We all know Christmas is really for the kids. But, between all the gift buying, tree decorating, turkey cooking and stocking stuffing, it can all add up to enough work to make us glad to get back to the day job.

The best way to really enter into the spirit of the season is to make sure you take time out to treat yourself to a little something of your own. And what could be better than adding a new Replica Rolex to the collection?

So, in keeping with this festive time of year, we've put together a list of some of the crown's best, all decked out in traditional Christmas colors.

The Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller ref. 326135 is a chocolate fake watch perfect for the holiday season.

The Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller ref. 326135

The brilliant, and brilliantly complicated, Sky-Dweller is Replica Rolex's latest all-new watch, their first since the Yacht-Master appeared way back in 1992. But, where that particular 'new?model was undeniably a Submariner just out of finishing school, the Sky-Dweller represented a completely fresh take on the luxury traveler's companion and a 'built-from-the-ground-up?original design concept.

A world away from the stubbornly minimalist dials of Replica Rolex past, the face of their latest creation packs in a date, GMT and annual calendar display—an overwhelming amount of information, but all still presented in the most efficient and elegant way possible.

The ref. 326135 offers the Sky-Dweller with an 18k Everose case, the brand's patented rose gold alloy, forged in its own foundry and given hardwearing protection by the addition of a dash of platinum into the mix.

Available with a choice of two dials, the Sundust finish falls in between the classic silver and champagne Replica Rolex tones, while the chocolate matches seamlessly with the brown leather strap and lends the whole fake watch a rich, comforting warmth—perfect for Christmas.

A red-outlined triangular indicator above the off-centered 24-hour sub dial gives the face a small and welcome pop of color, and it is all encircled by a flawless fluted bezel that acts as the command center for the Sky-Dweller's various functions.

Certainly Replica Rolex's most complicated creation to date, the Sky-Dweller is not only a work of engineering genius, but an achingly stylish and extremely practical sidekick.

The Replica Rolex Daytona ref. 116508 sports a green dial with hints of red. (Credit: ablogtowatch.com)

The Replica Rolex Daytona ref. 116508

The ultimate chronograph has been making up for its slow start in life by becoming the most sought-after fake watch on the planet in recent years. Ignored by pretty much everyone when it was released in 1963, and for decades after, vintage examples have since sent world records tumbling when they have sold at auction—culminating in the staggering $17.7m paid out in October for one owned by movie legend Paul Newman.

If that's at the top end of your budget, the ref. 116508 represents a comparative bargain. Its case is crafted from lustrous 18k yellow gold, echoed on its engraved tachymeter bezel and its solid link Oyster bracelet.

The bright green of the dial gives a striking contrast to all that gold, making the fake watch an eye-catching showstopper from clear across the room, and the red accents on the main hour markers and the distinctive sub dials break up the emerald wash perfectly.

Inside, the Cal. 4130 provides the power, a stripped-down and highly efficient movement, recognized as one of the most accurate and reliable chronograph calibers ever made. The latest version goes even further with the addition of Replica Rolex's own Parachrom Bleu hairspring, giving the Daytona's engine greater protection against the effects of magnetism and temperature variation.

A fake watch designed for the octane-fuelled environs of the racetrack, the Daytona has always been as adept at making a statement as recording lap times. It remains the one fake watch no serious Replica Rolex aficionado's collection can do without, and with the ref. 116508's red, green and gold color scheme, it's the ideal gift to yourself this Christmas.

The Replica Rolex Day-Date ref. 228396TBR is a fake watch covered in diamonds. (Credit: Instagram @Roni)

The Replica Rolex Day-Date ref. 228396TBR

With the sheer number of different metal, bezel and dial combinations available for the President, which at last count was just under a bajillion, finding an appropriately festive example should be as easy as spotting Rudolph in the dark.

The ref. 228396TBR is one such option. Looking like a winter wonderland, it surrounds its glorious ice blue dial with even more ice; a bezel studded with dozens of flawless baguette-cut diamonds.

Debuting in 1956, the Day-Date became the world's first automatic timepiece to display both the date and the day of the week written out in full. Today, the original 36mm models have been joined by enlarged 40mm versions, catering to the contemporary fashion for oversize watches.

Our Christmas colored example is one of the new breed of larger Day-Dates, its 950 Platinum case manufactured in-house, deep underground in Replica Rolex HQ. One of the densest of the precious metals, it has a luminous silvery quality that pairs impeccably with the coolness of the dial.

For the new generation of President came a new generation of movement, the Cal. 3255—subject to 14 patents to safeguard the revolutionary technology inside. Of those, several were dedicated to the innovative Chronergy escapement, a radical reworking of the traditional Swiss lever system, featuring a skeletonized escape wheel that offers greatly reduced inertia, as well as a modified and offset pallet fork that, added together, give an efficiency increase of around 15%.

On top of that, halving the thickness of the mainspring barrel's walls ups the power reserve of the new model to 70 hours.

The Day-Date has been the flagship Replica Rolex for over 60 years. Each one of the countless different variations communicates its own message—they can be everything from quietly retrospective to brashly flamboyant. The lustrous coloring of the ref. 228396 is a subtle attention-grabber, an obvious but understated expression of exquisite taste.

A truly special timepiece, there is little else out there with the same level of wrist presence.

Whether or not you decide to give yourself, or anyone else, the gift of a new Replica Rolex this holiday season, from everyone here at Bob's Watches, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

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